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Why you won’t find mica in our products

Mica is glittery delight, adding golden highlights to soaps, creams and golden body oils. I have been requested, particularly by the littlest, cutest people I know, to add some princess-like shimmer to my soaps. Difficult as refusal is, here at Roe Green Soaps we have a very good reason for leaving out the sparkle: severe ethical concerns in the mining and extraction of the mineral mica. Until we can be sure that no child labour is involved in obtaining mica, we will refrain from contributing to the demand for it.

If you know of sustainably-mined mica, we would be glad to hear of it.

The research paper linked below is worth a read (opens in new tab), as is the guardian article:

Get child labour out of your cosmetics ( SOMO)

The Guardian – child labour – mica mining


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